Women Valued Initiative

Since its founding in 2016, Women Valued has fought for the rights of working women across New York State and nationally.

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Legal Momentum’s Women Valued Initiative educates, empowers, and elevates low-income and immigrant women in the workplace. We are strongly committed to ensuring that ALL women are better informed about their rights.  With this knowledge, women are equipped not only to defend themselves, but to act offensively and preemptively to pursue equality in the workplace before discrimination occurs.

Through Women Valued, Legal Momentum has produced two tools to help women advocate for themselves in the workplace: the Legal Toolkit and the Working Woman's Bill of Rights

13 topics covered in these resources:

  • sex discrimination
  • sexual harassment
  • equal pay
  • minimum wage and wage theft
  • economic opportunity
  • safe workplaces and fair working conditions
  • workplace protections for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking
  • reproductive and maternal health
  • pregnancy, breastfeeding, and childbirth
  • paid family leave
  • child care assistance
  • public benefits
  • collective action

Legal Toolkit

Starting with New York State, the initiative has created an accessible written Legal Toolkit that provides comprehensive guidance to women in New York regarding their rights and benefits in13 cross-cutting issue areas that relate to women’s economic security. Guidance is targeted at low-income and immigrant women and women in certain high risk industries, including domestic workers, farm-workers, nail salon workers, and retail and hospitality workers.

Working Woman's Bill of Rights

Through our Working Woman’s Bill of Rights, Legal Momentum is also setting forth an unprecedented intersectional and holistic legislative agenda for women’s economic equality, setting priorities in the same 13 cross-cutting issue areas. By creating a comprehensive framework for advocacy and assessment, our Bill of Rights seeks to ensure that our laws achieve meaningful and comprehensive workplace equality for ALL women.

Know Your Rights Workshops

To launch Women Valued's Know Your Rights Workshops providee targeted guidance for immigrant women, participants raised several examples of scenarios where friends and family had dealt with difficult employment issues, noting the importance of having this information.

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Women Valued Advances Through Legal Momentum’s Helpline

Legal Momentum is advancing Women Valued through our Helpline, tackling pay inequality, sexual harassment, and domestic violence, among other issues. Based on our Helpline calls, Legal Momentum is regularly helping women navigate gender discrimination in the workplace. For example, Legal Momentum:

  • Assisted a caller with navigating her employer’s internal complaint process to obtain accountability for workplace sexual harassment.

  • Is representing a client challenging gender-based pay discrimination in her former workplace.
  • Is assisting a victim of domestic violence to seek justice against her employer, which terminated her for taking time off to protect herself and her family.