Apply to be a Peer Educator

If you are being watched, leave now!

Application to become a Rights Now! Peer Educator is available every fall. Check this page in the fall to apply.

Testimonials from the Rights Now! Class of 2019

From Kamilah:

“Being a peer educator is important because we create a safe space to talk about the topics that don’t make it into most school curriculum. Teaching the characteristics of unhealthy relationships, gender discrimination and employment rights to youth prepared us and those we taught about facing societal conflicts and empowered us to pass the knowledge along to their peers. Often, both presenters and participants were enlightened by the information we shared, so we were glad knowing that everyone had an opportunity to grow.”

From Sophia:

“Peer educators are extremely important in today's society as many young people often listen to their peers more closely than to older authority persons. This especially happens when it comes to personal and potentially triggering topics such as dating violence, sexism, and gender-based discrimination. Having had the chance to be an official peer educator has been an incredible experience for me that I will value for the rest of my life.”

From Aishat:

“My experience as a Peer Educator helped me connect with young girls as their outlets to express what they go through in everyday life. Women are constantly degraded, disrespected and looked down upon. As I went through these workshops, it allowed me to teach young girls their rights and remind them of their worth.”