The Working Woman's Bill of Rights

If you are being watched, leave now!

Despite the passage of critical civil rights legislation, women are still undervalued in our economy.

To break this cycle, we need to enact comprehensive and integrated protections, accommodations, and services that eliminate existing gender-based penalties. We must reimagine the workplace as a place of equal opportunity for ALL women. To do so, the following 13 cross-cutting protections must be meaningfully reflected in our law and enforced.

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A Legislative Advocacy Framework for Women's Economic Equality

A fair and equitable workplace free of discrimination and retaliation

Freedom from sexual harassment in the workplace

Equal pay

A living wage and fair wage practices

Equal access to higher paying jobs, economic opportunities, and leadership pathways

A safe workplace with fair practices

Workplace support for survivors of gender-based violence

The ability to decide if and when to have a child and to do so safely

Fair treatment during pregnancy, while breastfeeding, and after childbirth

The ability to be caregivers without financial penalty

The ability to work and obtain an education after having a child

Meaningful access to economic stability and opportunity for all women

Freedom to act collectively

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